LVL237 is an Embedded Research and Development company which specializes in the development of Embedded Application, Digital Signal Processing Algorithm, Layer2 / Layer3 Protocol Testing and Development.

Web Application Development

Web-site Development or Web Application Development is the technique of including a design or idea on the website which usually includes coding or developing a web site so it accurately executes what the web-site owner would definitely like to achieve. Web site Development and Ecommerce is important for the long term progress of any on-line organization and services. It boosts the earnings and profits, minimizes expenditure and can reform your business and services.

Mobile Application Development

Devices such as smart phones or tablets are exerting great demands on enterprises and retailers across the globe in these days. At LVL237, We develop applications for different platforms including Apple iOS,Google Android,Microsoft Windows Mobile, J2ME.

Open Source Technologies

We can bring a wealth of practical experience and expertise to bear to help your organization benefit from free and open source solutions. If you are considering free and open source technologies for your next project, consult LVL237. We can advise on best-of-breed products, integration with established systems, and strategies for successfully implementing and maintaining these solutions for your organization.

Embedded Development

LVL237 is prominent in providing solutions for the Embedded Product. It also plays a vital role in the field of protocol development and providing network solutions for companies to achieve market leading positions.