What we are

LVL237 (pronounced as Level 2-3-7, with reference to OSI layers) is an Embedded research & development and testing company founded in year 2005. It has headquarters in Chennai (formerly Madras), one of the top metropolitan cities in India and a leading IT hub, with branch office in America.

  • Embedded DBI that can interface with any higher level application such as Telnet, GUI and CLI.
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) for an embedded device.
  • Customized Graphical User Interface to operate and manage embedded devices.

Meet the Management

Fazil Hussain, Ph.D


Fazil is a member of IEEE, and an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at RPI. He has extensive experience in development of Embedded software, Protocol stacks, Device drivers and VOIP applications. He provides consulting services to large corporations and teaches courses in Real Time Programming, Embedded Digital Control, and Applied Digital Signal Processing. He represents LVL237 in United States.

Javeed Nizam

Board Director

Javeed is the Chief Technology Officer and leads the technical team. Currently he is working as Senior Manager / Chief Architect for Team center at Siemens PLM Software. Previously he was working as Software Engineering Consultant at SDRC/ UGS Corp. / EDS . He studied at the university of Akron and University of Osmania

Siddique S.M


Siddique serves as a COO (Chief Operating Officer) of LVL237 right from the inception of the company in 2005. He is an engineering graduate of Madras University, India, with extensive experience in design and development of embedded software products.

Patel D

MS (Subject Matter Expert)

Patel has extensive experience in the telephony industry specializing in Call Control technologies such as PSTN, CAS/R2MF, Analog, SS7, SIGTRAN, SIP and H323 for both Embedded and host based solutions.

Malek Athamnah

Research Assistant at Temple University

More than 10 years of experience in both the industry and academia, putting together technical solutions, and understanding the considerations involved in designing such solutions. His experience includes software development ranging from scripts to large applications. He can analyze complex situations quickly and disseminate that information in an easy to understand manner.