Embedded Development

Embedded Command Line Interface (ECLI)

The LVL237 Embedded CLI is a RTOS (Real Time Operating System ) independent rich set of API's and library that can be used in building a CLI for a product. LVL237 ECLI product provides customizable options for a company to modify the library and API's through an abstraction layer and brings their CLI in a short amount of time. The screens for the CLI are automatically generated by the library using the requirement specification.

Embedded Graphical User Interface (EGUI)

LVL237 developed the first Embedded GUI version software which provides the solutions to manage the Embedded device. It provides an easy to use, quality graphical user interface and high performance tool for Switch management which supports layer 2, layer 3 and layer 4 features. It gives complete device detail and easy click CLI's for protocols. For transmission and receive, Embedded GUI offers choice of Serial port and Fast Ethernet Port. The facility of uploading the Image file into the device is available through the ZModem / FTP.

Embedded Database Interface (EDBI)

The LVL237 Embedded DBI provides a generic interface for performing read / write operations on an Embedded Device. LVL237 EDBI library works with any real time applications. LVL237 EDBI Library is designed to work seamlessly with SNMP sets / gets requests that are commercially available with SNMP compilers such as Emanate / Interniche and others.

Embedded Automation Studio (EAS)

LVL237® Embedded Automation Studio (EAS) is a tool to automate embedded software development process. EAS is a code generation engine that generates code for LVL237 Embedded products ECLI and EDBI. Develop embedded applications faster, easier and better. Technically speaking it is a template driven source code generator tool that automates the embedded applications (ECLI and EDBI) development process. With its unique, standards-base approach of using templates, require minimum amount of effort. Focus on the essential and avoid wasting your time on tedious, repetitive software elements.

Element Management System (EMS)

Element Management System is web based application used to manage an embedded device using LAN / WAN networks. This uses the LVL237 Embedded Database interface to access the Embedded device using SNMP like packets. The software is a high performance graphical user interface tool to manage an Embedded device remotely and gives you the complete device details.

Embedded Home Automation (EHA)

The home automation is GUI based Application will be written in Java. A high level design on a home/office automation system which is an open source, VOIP enabled, and the ability to access legacy peripherals using standard interfaces such as I2C,SPI, serial. The automation system will have the capability to use RESTFUL API to access external entities using VoIP infrastructure available within the automation infrastructure system. Communicate with the Home Automation GUI/APP in reporting the status obtained from the managed devices in a systematic manner using standard SIP protocol. The main controller will deploy its own client/server protocols in communicating with Managed devices, to collect data. The main controller will provide all results to an external Home/Office Automation GUI/APP.